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LanXess Urethane Systems / WRM-80T – Troweling Repair Kit is a three part ambient temperature curing polyurethane kit. When the component parts are mixed, a thixotropic paste is formed. The mixed material may then be applied immediately to a variety of surfaces in thicknesses from 1mm to 15mm. The thixotropic properties allow thick coatings to be applied to vertical surfaces or the underside of horizontal surfaces without slumping or falling off. The mixture can be worked with ease using trowels or other suitable tools.

WRM-80T is used for repair and rehabilitation work on worm equipment and for providing wear resistant coatings on new equipment. It may be used in places of restricted accessibility. The material has a working life of 30 to 40 minutes at ambient temperature which enables large jobs to be undertaken without the risk of the mixed material setting before the operator has finished the work. The cured coating has a hardness of 80 Shore A.

SHRINKAGEShrinkage at 30°C is 1% and 1.8% at 90°C.

MIX RATIOIf less than a kit is used, the ratio of Part A : Part B : Part C is 100 : 23 : 2.4 by weight.

COVERAGE1kg WRM-80T Kit will cover 0.9m2 at 1mm thickness.

CURING – WRM-80T will remain tacky for about 2 hours after placement. It will set to an elastic solid after 2 hours but will not have strength. It will have slight surface tack which will disappear in another 2 hours. The material will cure in 24 hours and may be put into service. However, a full 7 days are needed for it to reach optimum physical properties. 

If the cure has to be shortened, the use of hot air blowers or heated enclosures at temperature from 60-100°C may be used. The cure may be reduced to 3 hours if 90°C can be obtained.

WRM Premium products are fast curing 3-Part elastomeric repair kits that can be used to repair worn or damaged metal, rubber and urethane mining industrial parts and equipment. These products are much safer to use compared to standard rigid and elastomeric repair systems.

Benefits of WRM Premium: 
– Excellent Abrasion
– Excellent Chemical Resistance
– Easy and Quick to Use (even on inclined surfaces)
– Non-Hazardous Components

BEFORE MIXING – Part B is paste – like in consistency and will not solidify. Before removing any of the Part B or adding it to the Part A, stir the Part B to ensure a homogenous mixture.
Part A will become solid with a wax like appearance at temperature below 23°C. The material must be returned to a liquid state before mixing. The can with it’s lid still closed tightly may be places in an oven, heated enclosure or hot water at a temperature between 60-70°C for sufficient time to liquefy the Part A resin. The time normally required is 1-1.5 hours for a 4kg Kit.

The can or its lid may bulge slightly due to expansion of nitrogen used to exclude moisture. Care should be taken when prising the lid loose to prevent it flying off. In hot climates with temperature in excess of 30°C it is possible to melt the contents by standing the cans in direct sunlight. The cans of Part A resin must NEVER be heated with a direct flame or on an electric hot plate.


If the melted Part A resin is not used and solidifies again, the reheating process should not be repeated more than 2 to 3 times. Prolonged or repeated heating of the Part A resin will cause degradation and may produce low strength or soft volcanizates with poor performance.

1kg Kit Includes: 
– Part A
– Part B
– Part C
– Gloves
– Mixer

Weight 1.5 kg
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